Central Kitchen, Bibb County Board of Education, Macon, GA

Market: K-12

This facility was constructed to allow the school system to eliminate full service kitchens in every school and instead have a central location where all the food is prepared and then delivered out to the individual schools within the county where it was reheated and served. Savings are realized by being able to purchase food and ingredients in bulk quantity, such as 50-pound bags of flower which can be sifted in bulk. Greene & Associates installed the plumbing and process piping for the facility, including steam and condensate for cooking kettles, process chill water for refrigerating the food after it is cooked, two 3000-gallon grease traps and one 4000-gallon grease trap.

Project Details

  • Contractor: Piedmont Construction Group, Macon, GA
  • Architect: Adams and Day, Macon, GA
  • MEP Engineer: Harrison & Spencer, Macon, GA

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