Teachable Moments

Solutions Magazine, Winter 2017

Diversify and Grow Your Business with Valuable Advice from Business Owners and Industry Leaders. While p-h-c contractors are all similar in many facets, they are also different in just as many ways. One is the type of work they pursue-new construction or service. They are very different business models but as this article describes, there are times they must coexist under one roof. Read more.

What's Taking So Long?

PHCP Pros, September 2017

The completion of a project depends on successful communication regarding materials and equipment. We have been involved with many fast track projects over the years that include equipment that takes as long to get as the length of the project. In this article, Chip discusses with two manufacturers what they attempt to do to overcome these challenges. A perspective that we often do not think about. Read more.

Construction: The Imperfect Process

PHCP Pros, June 2017

Get involved as early as possible and keep the lines of communication open with the entire team. Construction of a building can be like directing an orchestra or like herding cats. It is an imperfect process made up of a lot of variables-some that we can control and some that just seem to happen despite our best efforts. Read more.

Weighing the Options

PHCP Pros, March 2017

What mechanical system does the owner really want? Many times systems are installed that beyond the capabilities of what an owner has the staff or the time to maintain. It is important that we review what the client's expectations or desires are for their HVAC system. You may find that what you have in mind to provide for a facility is much different than what the end user wants. Read more.

Technology: Help or Hindrance?

PHCP Pros, December 2016

With a little training and reassurance, tradesmen could boost their business. The construction industry is experiencing an influx of technology that is changing the way we do things, just like in many other industries. But to the small contractor who wears many hats in his business, this is easier said than done. Read more.

Installation Challenges for HVAC Systems

PHCP Pros, September 2016

Every facility needs an HVAC system. But not all HVAC systems "fit" the building that they are designed to go in. It is a discussion that needs to happen before the design work begins. Read more.

PHCC Tackles Challenges Facing Industry on Workforce Development

Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine, September 2015

Recently, Plumbing & Mechanical spoke with Charles E. “Chip” Greene, president of Macon, Ga.- based Greene & Associates and incoming president of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors — National Association. Greene, the third generation of his family in the industry, officially started his career at a large mechanical contracting firm, then started his own business 25 years ago. President of the Georgia PHCC from 2004 to 2006, Greene was elected vice president of the national association in October 2013. Read more.

Greene & Associates, Inc. Receives Outstanding Subcontractor Performance Award

Winter Construction Company, 2006


Hospital, Contractor Discover Long-Term Solution For Grease And Waste Systems

Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine, July 2004

In a kitchen that serves over 2,000 meals a day, one thing that has to function well is the drainage system serving the drains and equipment in the kitchen. The kitchen that serves Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, a regional hospital in southwest Georgia, is located directly over the materials department that contains bandages, scrubs and other medical supplies for the entire facility. The drainage system cannot afford any miscues. Read more.

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